A Hymn for the Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury
December 29th

Hail, the love and power amazing
     Of th' Incarnate Living Word!
Year by year the song upraising,
     Join we all with one accord,
Holy Saints and Martyrs praising,
     Who have died for Christ the Lord.

Sing we how, for naught esteeming
     Tyrant's rage, a Prelate dies,
How the murderers' weapons gleaming
     Altar's sanctity defies;
Yet the Martyr's life-blood streaming
     Still for pardoning mercy cries.

How he lived a life laborious,
     Be the saintly story told;
How he died a Martyr glorious,
     Prelate wise, Confessor bold;
How he reigns in heaven victorious,
     Robed in white, with crown of gold.

To the Lord of all creation,
     In whose love the Martyrs rest,
To the God of our salvation,
     Whom their dying breath confessed,
Honour, praise, and adoration,
     Father, Son, and Spirit blest.

Tune:  Dulce carmen
(MIDI file thanks to The Cyber Hymnal)

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