The twelfth day of Lent

Tuesday after 2 Lent

Adam and Eve - Retablo by Arturo OlivasReconciliation has many faces. On the most basic level, it is about making whole that which has been broken by sin. Our greatest need as human beings is to have our relationship with God restored to that openness and wholeness that is depicted in the account of Adam and Eve in the Garden before the Fall. But this is reflected in every other relationship we share. So, as we saw last week, forgiveness and reconciliation in our personal relationships are necessary if we are to realize full reconciliation with God.

However, the need for reconciliation does not end there. Ultimately, the whole creation yearns to return to the Garden reconciliation must be seen as a comprehensive activity, involving all of our relationships, both with the human and the natural community. The latter has already been suggested in the activity proposed for last Wednesday, in connection with the idea of the Carbon Fast. In the northern hemisphere, Lent coincides with spring and the annual renewal of the natural order. And it is a time for human participation in that renewal as farmers and gardeners plan which fields or portions of the garden to allocate to specific crops and plants, then prepare the ground, possibly fertilize it, and eventually plant the seeds of this year's crops. In fact, the interaction between the gardener and the land takes many forms and, of course varies from place to place and climate to climate. In the southern hemisphere, where it is autumn, there is work to do to complete the current growing season and to prepare for the future. And even the indoor gardener has work, potting and fertilizing indoor plants and starting seeds for later transplanting outdoors. Take time today to reflect and act on your role in caring for the earthly gardens in your life. Such interaction with the natural order is a work of reconciliation, for the natural order which sustains human life is also subject to mismanagement, exploitation, and destruction by humans and the restoration of a proper relationship with the whole creation is integral to the reconciliation of humanity with our Creator.

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