North Transept


Windows in the tower porch, leading into the north transept

The Chapel of Our Lady with Saint Alban in the north transept

Originally, the north transept, built in 1876, housed the Font, windows in memory of Dr. Charles Allen, and Fr. Henry Moore Davis and his wife Lydia, and fixed pews to supplement the seating for the congregation in the nave. However, in the spring of 2004, the transept furnishings were removed while the floor was being refinished. The Font was moved to the west end of the nave and moveable pews replaced the fixed pews in the transept.



Windows placed in memory of Lydia Davis and her husband the Reverend Henry Moore Davis who was rector of the parish from 1863 to his death in 1875.


With the addition of an Altar generously loaned to the parish by the Cathedral of All Saints in Albany, the transept has become the Chapel of Our Lady with St. Alban.  The Altar was originally built for St. Alban's Chapel in the Cathedral and consecrated by the Right Reverend Wilbur E. Hogg, the sixth Bishop of Albany.

Following a sabbatical in New Mexico, where he became acquainted with the traditional sacred art of the Hispanic community, Fr Kriss commissioned an award-winning santero (sacred artist), Nicolas Otero, to create a new reredos for the Lady Chapel at St Paul's. The centerpiece of the reredos is the Blessed Virgin Mary in her role as Our Lady of Peace, Santa Maria de la Paz. "Salem" is a form of the Hebrew word shalom, "peace." Thus, Our Lady of Peace is Our Lady of Salem. The new reredos was dedicated on the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, at a service that both remembered the victims and heroes and also reflected on the themes of peace and reconciliation. In addition to Our Lady, the other figures depicted in the reredos are the Holy Trinity, at the top, St Cecelia and Melchizedek, Priest of Salem, on the left, and St Alban and St Paul, on the right. Below Our Lady are Fr John Henry Houghton, Rector of the parish from 1875 to 1890, and Colonel Archibald McDougall, a founder of the parish and a Civil War hero.



The Lady Shrine with the Icon of the Sign (the "Mother of God, Great Panagia (Orans)), in which the  Blessed Virgin Mary is shown with Immanuel in a mandorla on her breast. The scarf draped on the icon is a traditional Ukrainian rushnyk.

"St. Luke the Beloved Physician
In memory of
Charles Harvey Allen [M.D.]
March 1, 1875"


Star of David



Alpha Chalice Omega

Details of the St. Luke Window

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