Burton Hall

Built in the 1880s as the classroom building for the parish school, Burton Hall housed community service programs of the parish and Washington County for many years. Due to the high energy costs, the building was closed in 2007 but was reopened in 2011 in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene as the new home of the Salem Food Pantry.

Salem Food Pantry

The Salem Food Pantry is a joint effort of the ecumenical community in the communities served by the Salem schools. Housed for many years in rooms in the First United Presbyterian Church, Salem, the food pantry was devastated by flooding in the wake of Hurricane Irene. At the invitation of the vestry of St Paul's Church, the food pantry relocated to Burton Hall on the parish campus. Open on Saturday mornings and by appointment, the food pantry provides a variety of packaged, fresh, and frozen foods to members of the community who are in need. Volunteers staff the pantry and a volunteer board oversees its operation. On a typical Saturday in 2012, the pantry assisted 100 or more people. In addition, from fall through spring a group of volunteers prepares soups and other foods which are distributed to clients of the food pantry.

Food Pantry


Volunteers restocking the shelves


St. Paul's Guild - Thrift Shop

For nearly forty years, the women of the parish (St. Paul's Guild) operated a thrift shop, selling good used clothing at a nominal cost. The thrift shop occupied the whole lower floor of Burton Hall where the boys' school once had a bowling alley. A substantial portion of the income of the shop was returned to the community, helping to underwrite a variety of worthy causes.  The thrift shop also provided clothing and housewares at no cost to those with particular needs.  Competition from several similar enterprises in Salem led to a decline both in business and in donations of clothing to the thrift shop and it was closed in September 2006.


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