Land Lease, Camden Valley Episcopal Church, 1796


This Indenture made this fourteenth day of October in the year of our Lord MDCCXCVI Between Abraham Binnegar of Salem in the County of Washington and State of New York Yeoman of the one part, and the Trustees of the Episcopal Church in Salem in the County of Washington and the State of New York of the other Part Witnesseth that the said Abraham Binengar in consideration of his earnest desire to promote the Glory of Almighty God and the spiritual Interests of mankind and for and in consideration of the Sum of Five shillings lawful money of New York to him by the said Trustees well and truly paid at or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Hath granted bargained and sold demised and to farm let and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell demise and to farm let to the said Trustees of the episcopal Church in Salem in the County of Washington and State of New York in their actual seizin and possession thereof now being and to their Successors─ All that certain Tract and parcel of Land situated lying and being in the part of Salem in the County aforesaid commonly called West Cambden and which is part of a Lot of Land known and distinguished in a Lease thereof made by the Honorable James Duane to the said Abraham Binnegar by the name and description of Lot number thirty two which parcel of Land hereby granted is bounded as follows viz. beginning at the distance of five rods from the northwardly corner of the Church standing thereon thence runs southerly on the Course of the Highway sixteen rods thence Eastwardly about eight rods thence northeasterwardly in the Course of the present fence to the place of beginning containing about half an acre and two rods of Land be the same more or less.  Together with all and singular the Hereditaments and Appurtenances and the edifices thereon standing and all the right Title Interest claim and demand of the same Abraham Binnegar of in and to the same, and every part and parcel thereof with the appurtenances to the Trustees of the Episcopal Church in Cambden in the County of Washington and the State of New York, and their Successors To the express Use and purpose of a Church for the Service of such persons as now may or hereafter may adhere to the said Episcopal Church and for no worldly Use or purpose soever Provided always that the said Trustees and their Successors shall and do at all times hereafter keep the said Church and the Yard surrounding the same, in good and sufficient repair and shall observe from time to time, such orders and directions as may be given them by the Bishop or other spiritual authority to whom the Care and



Superintendance of the said Church may of right belong touching the admission of person or persons to perform divine Service in the same Church:  subject always to the payment of such rents as the Honorable James Duane Esquire his heirs or assigns are legally entitled to receive on account of the Herein granted premises.

In Witness whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.  Abraham Bininger LS.  Sealed and delivered  In the presence of  Page 1. the words (in their actual seizin and possession thereof now being) being inserted between the 18th & 19th lines  an obliteration between the 20th & 21st lines. Page 2nd. the word service being first interlined between the 9th & 10th lines and part of the 21 line obliterated previous to the Execution of these presents  Jairus Bonney. William Bettey.

Be it B----ed that on the nineteenth day of February one thousand seven hundred and Ninety nine personally appeared before me John Younglove one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Washington the within named Abraham Bininger a person well known to me who aknolaged [sic] that he Executed the within Instrument as his Voluntary act and deed for the Purposes therein mentioned and I having examined the same and finding no material  Erazures or obliterations therein except such as are noted do allow the same to be recorded.  John Younglove [signature]

 I certify the preceding to be a true record of the original deed and of the Judges Certificate of allowance indorsed thereon therewith examined and compared the 20th day of February MDCCXCIX,                 
                                                                                                                          ----- Wendell ─ Cler.

Sketch of the lot leased by Abraham Bininger to the trustees of the Episcopal Church in the Camden Valley.  The original grave of Philip Embury was in the lower left hand corner and Abraham Bininger was buried next to him.  The church disappeared sometime around 1800 and the entire lot is now known as the Moravian Cemetery.

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