unto the Resurrection
of the Just
the mortal remains of the
Venerable Father in Christ
a Missionary of the
united Brethren Church
(commonly called Moravians)
who after serving his Divine Master
with fidelity, both in the West India Island
of St. Johns and among the Indians of
this country, retired, in the decline of
life, to the Vale of Camden:
Where with patriarchal simplicity
he lived in communion with his Redeemer
a pattern of Christian holiness to all around
and fell asleep in Jesus full of the
hope of glory, at the age of 91
years, 2 months and 8 days.
He was born at Bulach, Canton Zurich
Switzerland Jan. 18, 1720.  Departed this
life at Camden March 26, 1811.

He walked with God; & he was not
for God took him.  Gen. 5.24

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